The name comes from sojourner, a person who journeys far from home.

A solojourner is another ball game. This type has the courage and guts that eats nails for breakfast, and the wisdom that knows eating nails could end quite poorly.

Solojourners are a different breed of traveler, the kind willing to venture into new adventures in a world that is widely undiscovered, and we welcome that kind of audacity here.

If you consider yourself a solojourner, then welcome aboard, pal!

traveling solo solojourners about us
traveling solo solojourners about



Hey there, my name is CJ, and I started Solojourners in 2018 after moving my whole life overseas. I took off on an adventure to Asia by myself, and don’t plan on looking back. 

Though I love to travel alone, I believe in community. I believe that humans are meant for togetherness, no matter how great our desire to go searching on our own. 

So, dear travelers, let’s stick together. Get the latest stories, advice, and travel ideas through the blog, and feel free to contact me to submit your own travel story. 

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