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Layover? More like lame-over.

No, please don’t go. We’ll stop the puns.

Ever been bored out of your mind in the hurry-up-and-wait atmosphere of airports? Not fun. You power your way through the insanity of the terminal, just to make it to your gate with…3 hours to go?!

We understand that madness. You could sit there and slowly lose your mind, or you could try out our favorite things to do during a layover.

creative ways to survive a layover solojourners

Creative Ways to Survive a Layover


1. Go to the gym.

Some international airports have actually installed gyms! You may have to pay for access to the gym, but if you’re trying to stay fit while traveling, it’s up to you to decide.

We’ve seen some pretty sweet airport gyms. San Francisco Airport’s even offers vacuum sealing for clothing, so you don’t stink up the flight cabin. How thoughtful!

A few airports with high-rated gym access:

  • Singapore International Airport
  • Dubai International Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport

Be sure to go find out if the airport you’ll be passing through has any access to gyms!

creative ways to survive a layover solojourners

2. Go on a scavenger hunt.

If you’re traveling with friends or family, this is a must-do, and a perfect way to keep busy during a long wait. Some ideas for an airport scavenger hunt:

Take a photo of…

  • A flight monitor that is currently delayed 
  • Postcard of your current location
  • The beeping passenger transport cart

Some considerations: 

  • If your group is going to split up, make sure you all have a way to keep track of your flight.
  • Do not leave any bags unattended.
  • Set a time limit and a place to meet.
  • Collect photos, not things, for the sake of not taking up space.
  • Be a kind traveler; don’t take photos of fellow humans without their permission.

The options are endless for this game, and airports are usually a place where people fail to stop and observe. Make the game as short or as long as you want to, and go to town exploring.

creative ways to survive a layover solojourners

3. Take a walk.

Maybe you’re traveling solo this time, and you didn’t bring the party for a scavenger hunt. No worries! We’re all about exploration, as well as staying active while you travel.

Set aside 30-45 minutes to take a few laps around the area. You never know what you’ll find, but at the very least, your legs will be all stretched out before your next flight.

4. Take a shower.

Yep, a lot of people don’t know this, but whether you just finished a workout in the gym, or you’re just feeling grimy after a long flight, many international, especially Asian airports, offer shower rooms.

You may have to pay a small fee to access the facilities, but a hot shower can absolutely make your airtime more relaxing.

creative ways to survive a layover solojourners

5. Find a cozy spot.

Read a book. Charge your devices. Catch up on your podcasts. Check out this post for finding some peace in quiet when airports get crazy.

6. Download Netflix.

If you have the Netflix app downloaded on your phone or PC, you can download shows and movies before you head out on your trip, and watch them without wifi or data, completely bypassing slow wifi, or paying for in-country data. 

Happy trails!

We hope we could spark your noggin with some good ideas for things to do during a layover.

Get creative, and beat the boredom of sitting around and waiting. We hope you enjoy your next trip to the international airport. Safe travels, fellow explorer!


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