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Feeling Sluggish?

One of the hardest things about traveling is keeping up with routine. The foods you eat, the time you wake up and go to sleep, all of that gets busted.

A disruption to routine can make you feel off and sluggish. Exercising is one of those things that often gets thrown off. That’s why we want to show you how to stay fit while traveling.

First of all…why is staying fit so important?

Other than chasing down a plane as it’s heading down the runway, you may find yourself to be a bit of a Lazy Bones on vacation.

Let’s first talk about WHY it’s important to stay fit while traveling.

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1. Working out helps to manage jet lag.

Especially if you exercise in the morning, it can help your body get back into a normal rhythm, reduce the feeling of brain fog, and help you sleep through the night.


2. Reduce the feeling of bloating from travel.

Flights, jet lag, and a whole lot of sitting can leave a traveler feeling bloated and swollen.

Working out will rid of water retention, as well as get lymph fluid flowing back through your system (lymph, not water, is actually what pools in your legs and causes swelling during flights).


3. You can get things *ahem* moving.

When travel constipation (it’s a real thing) kicks in, you can get things *moving*, simply by getting things moving.


4. You’ll get to explore new places!

Biking, hiking, and jogging all take you to new, beautiful spots on your trip.

So why not get active with an adventure?

An AWESOME way to stay fit on vacation is by finding creative places to stay in motion. Did you know that some airports even have gyms now?

If you’re really into the adventurous kind of travel, then sign up for one of these fast-paced, daredevil excursions for your next vacation through Airbnb…

11 days trekking the awe-inspiring mountains of Kathmandu, Nepal

5 days kayaking around the 6,000 islands of Sweden

4 days sailing the tidal flats off the coast of The Netherlands


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“Okay…but, I’m not a daredevil traveler…”

Maybe you’re more of an art museum and afternoon tea kind of traveler.

Or maybe you’re traveling on business, and you don’t have the opportunity to take a vacation at breakneck speed.

Understood! So, we’ve put together the perfect hotel room workout that can be done in just 20 minutes and won’t interfere with your day’s plans:

how to stay fit while traveling workout hotel room

Finish by doing stretches or some light yoga.

Hint: don’t waste space by packing your yoga mat. Instead get some grippy socks that will keep you balanced on tile or hardwood.

Stay Active, My Friends! 

We hope this has been some encouragement and taught you how to stay fit while traveling.

Let us know in the comments your favorite way to workout or go on an adventure while traveling!


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