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Looking for some frugal stops in Taipei? No problem.

There’s plenty more to do than simply taking a stroll through the night market. 

Taipei may be the most expensive place to live in Taiwan, but whether you’re in the city, or only have a few days to pass through, you should check out our list of free things to do in Taipei. 

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1. Shih-Men Ting

This shopping district was the first pedestrian-only zone in Taiwan.  Do some window shopping and take a nice stroll without the fear of a scooter accident!

2. Xiangshan Mountain

Also known as Elephant Mountain, this hilltop can be accessed through a 1.5 km trail starting in Xinyi District. The top includes a great view of Taipei 101 as well!

no spend taipei solojourners

3. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf and Old Street

You’ll have to take the red MRT line to the far end of the route in Tamsui, but the scenery is worth it. This is a great place to get a view of the harbor, and see the outer streets of Taipei.  

Old Street is also a unique place to do some shopping and check out the local Taiwanese street food.

4. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Once a tobacco factory established by the Japanese, this area is now occupied by one of the biggest creative spaces in Taipei. The park is free to enter, though special events at the park may have separate ticket prices. 

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5. Fort San Domingo

Located in Tamsui, the fort was built in 1628 by the Spaniards, before being expelled by Dutch forces. If you’re a history buff, this would be a great stop while you’re visiting the Tamsui area. 

6. Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall

This memorial is dedicated to Taiwan’s national father, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.  Located in Xinyi District, this is a perfect place to learn some Taiwanese history, while getting some AC on the humid Taipei days. 

7. Shifen Waterfall

The shape and beauty of this waterfall gives it the reputation of being Taiwan’s Niagara Falls. Located in Pingxi District, this is a cool stop on a hot day, and is one awesome photo-op!

8. Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Park

Originally a military base, this memorial was founded to commemorate Taiwan’s first president, Chiang Kai-Shek.  

The park and memorial hall are open daily, and tours are even available in English and Japanese. 

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9. Yangmingshan National Park

It would take more than a day to explore this beautiful national park! Located between Taipei and New Taipei City, this park is filled with hiking and biking trails, and is home to cherry blossoms, sulfur deposits, hot springs, and even a dormant volcano.

10. Da’an Forest Park

A HUGE park in the middle of the city. Take a day to spread out and play some games with friends, or take a stroll in the sunshine.

There you have it: our favorite free things to do in Taipei! 

Feeling inspired yet? 

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Happy trails! We hope you enjoy your trip to Taiwan.  Let us know your favorite spot on this list in the comments. 

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