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New Places, Great Memories

Vacations are something we spend months looking forward to. But if you’re an introvert, planning a vacation can come with a sense of apprehension that your extraverted loved ones don’t understand.

Spending long hours with others, being surrounded by new sights, smells, and sounds can drain the introvert traveler easily. If you don’t find enough of your normal alone time, you quickly won’t feel much like yourself. That’s why we’ve put together our favorite travel tips for introverts.

In all the chaos of travel, we want to help you stay charged. Here are some of our travel tips for introverts that will help you to care of yourself and find some peace and quiet in your temporary home.

Travel for Introverts: Tips for Finding Alone Time Away from Home


Alone Time in Airports

Generally, the international gates are not only the comfiest, but also have the fewest flights leaving per day. This means, when in desperate need of some quiet in the midst of a chaotic terminal, take a look at the monitor for international flights.

Buy a coffee and head over to the most desolate gate in the terminal. You might have to take a tram or a hike to the other end of the airport, but you’ll be amazed at the escape you can find during your layover.

No, it’s not the exclusive airport lounge, but you can make it just as cozy.

Travel for Introverts: Tips for Finding Alone Time Away from Home

If you’re highly sensitive, just taking a few minutes to put in some headphones and close your eyes in a quiet spot can make the rest of your trip much more manageable. Airports can be overwhelming and overstimulating, but they don’t have to be, if you know where to look.

Alone Time in Hotels

If you’re traveling with friends or family, spending the entire day together, followed by sleeping in the same room might just be the introvert’s own personal nightmare.

Consider booking separate rooms, if you can afford it. If that’s not in the budget, don’t be afraid to tell your clan you need some space. They’ll understand.

As an introvert, you probably need more quiet time than others. You don’t consider it rest if everyone around you is still buzzing. It’s not selfish to need alone time.

Ask your friends or family when you get back to the hotel if they can give you time to take a nap. They can go spend time by the pool, in a common area, or at the bar.

Or, if you’re not in need of a nap, just space, you can run a bath, go downstairs for a massage, or go sit by the pool with a book and some headphones.  You can also ask the front desk if there’s any scenic walks nearby.

Alone Time On the Road

Even if you love road trips and love the person you’re traveling with, long hours in tight spaces with someone else can be discomforting for the introvert.

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By all means, DON’T spend nights in the car. It sounds like a great way to save money, but you will lose your mind instead. 

Bite the bullet, spend a few bucks on a hostel or hotel room. Get out of the cramped space and away from each other, before you find yourself unreasonably irritable. Driving long hours, in traffic, is not a good place to be irritable.

Take breaks every few hours and go for walks. Allow yourself some extra time on the road instead of pushing it to the last minute. If you’re not pressed for time, make some tourist stops. Everyone is less stressed and you can easily take breaks from each other along the way.

Traveling Alone

Even if you’re traveling alone, new places can be overwhelming, and you might find yourself needing more time than usual to recharge.

Try scheduling time midday to come back to your place and take a short recharge. Try not to get over-excited and cram your schedule down to the minutes.  

Physically, you may be able to handle jam-packed days, but sun-up to sun-down in a brand new city or country is enough to cause a meltdown after a few days.

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A great solution for this is to budget for 1-2 days longer than you think you need to see everything you want to see. You can spread out your sights and activities, or use it to take an entire day to simply adjust to your new vacation.

Will it cost more? Yes. But the trade-off is a much less stressful and more relaxing vacation.

Hey Introvert, Remember This:

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not high maintenance, and you do not need to change yourself to accommodate others.  

AND with a little preparation you can have an awesome time traveling to new places!

If you’re an introvert or you love an introvert, share this article before you head on your next vacation! We hope these travel tips for introverts will do you some great help on your next trip!

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